Frequently asked questions.


Who can sign up to this website?

Anyone with an interest in undiscovered biotech companies.


What do you mean “undiscovered biotech” companies?

Biotech companies that are not widely known in the investment community, they also tend to attract little mass-media attention.


Can I create threads about my favorite mining company or the banks?

The site is called Undiscovered Biotech. That should tell you all you need to know. If you really want to discuss companies in mining or other industries you can do it in the off topic forum.

I tried to join your site but I can’t find the registration page.

Click the Login at the top right of your screen as pictured below.

Next, click the registration tab

On the next screen you can create a username then type in your email address. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Your password will be in the email.

If you have any problems registering for this site, you can email me and I’ll help you to sign up.

[email protected]


Does your site allow private messages?

Yes. To find it you must be logged in.  Click on the  icon that looks somewhat like a person, at the top right of your screen. A dropdown menu will reveal a number of options including messaging.


Can use my own profile picture or avatar?

Yes. when you are logged in, click on the person icon at the top right of your screen, click the profile option. Click on the profile pic icon and upload a photo or avatar. Please keep the file size under 500kb


I’ve seen something objectionable on this site. What can I do about it?

On the forums, there is a “report” tab attached to every post. Use that to report anything offensive or defamatory.  All reports will be followed up.

If you report a post by accident, please send me an email to let me know.  [email protected]


I’ve found something on the site that doesn’t work as I expected. What should I do?

Report it in one of the threads here:

or email me at :  [email protected]


Can I start my own thread in the forums?

Yes.  If there is no thread that covers what you want to discuss you can start a new one provided it is relevant to the forum you are in. For example, starting a thread on CSL’s full year results in the Mesoblast forum would not be appropriate. Beginning a new thread on Mesoblast’s full year results in the Mesoblast forum is fine.


Can I add a photo to a forum post?

Yes.  Click the “Add Media”  tab and upload a photo. Search for your photo amongst those uploaded to the site and insert in into your post. The file size of the photo should be less than 500kb



Can I link to other media such as YouTube video?

Yes.  Anything with a link, such as a newspaper report, or a YouTube video can be inserted into a post. Click the link tab in the reply dialog box, as pictured below.

This will open another window where you can add the URL of the media you wish to use.


Sometimes I reply to a post but my post doesn’t immediately end up on the forum.

It appears that there is a glitch in the “Quote” function when replying too somebody’s post. This is being actively investigated but remains a problem for now, but your post is not lost.  During the day I will correct the problem manually  so your post will still end up on the forum.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste a quote from another persons post and insert it into yours, with a handle such as @(username) at the start of the quote.


I like to write. Can I write a blog post?

Yes. Anybody  that wants to write blog posts is welcome to do so. The blog is run from a different interface to posting on the forum. 

With this in mind, if you wish to make one or more blog posts you can email me directly and I will get you set up on the blog side of the site.

[email protected]


Can I discuss religion and politics in the forums?

The forums are primarily for company related discussion, however, we have created an off topic forum in which you can discuss religion and politics. If you wish to start other threads in the off topic forum you are welcome to do so.


I’m new to the stock market, can I ask for some stock tips?

Nobody  on this website has been verified as a financial advisor or stockbroker. With that in mind, nobody here is qualified to give financial advise of any kind and should never ask for or offer any advise.  Please seek out a financial advise from properly qualified persons.


This FAQ will be added to and edited as the need arises. If there’s any thing you think should be include you are welcome to email me.

[email protected]





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