The Mesoblast Rebellion

Let’s not forget why this site was created.  We’ve had some wonderful posters that have been discouraged from posting due to the actions and words of others. Let’s not let it happen again.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  The website went from nothing more than an idea, to a basic, but functional home for discussion without the trolls

Todays site updates

The basic outline of the website is completed, enough to do what we need it to do for now anyway.  Any changes today will likely be relatively minor. There are lots of bugs to fix, such as the oversized Mesoblast logo on the forum pages and I’ll slowly get through them as time permits.

As I spent the entire day creating the site yesterday, I’ll spend relatively little time fixing the bugs today and midweek due to my day job. Next weekend I’ll put more time into it.

This morning I created a separate forum for other “Undiscovered Biotechs”.  My original intention was to do this much later but after consulting others I’ve opened it up now.  The forum can be found here:

Also created was an off-topic thread. Often the source of heated arguments, topics such as religion or politics should go to this forum in order to keep other threads on topic. The off-topic threads can be found here:

About page

On the website landing page, there is an “About” page that has been re-written. It provides a little bit of background behind the creation of this site.  The page can be found in the top menu on the main landing page.

New Members

It’s fantastic that some of our most prolific posters from HC MSB threads have joined this site, but something that caught me by surprise is the number of new members I’ve not seen on HC before.  I’d like to welcome all new members to the site and encourage those that may have been “lurkers” on HC to join in the discussion.

Have a great weekend

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