So far there’s been loads of problems to iron out.

Firstly, and most importantly, even though I managed to create a Mesoblast forum, users need to register (To stop spam and bots). There was a login page but no way to register for a login. That has taken a couple of hours to find a workaround and I’ll provide details of that in my next post.

The next issue was adding extra functionality to the forum. Key features added are:

  • The ability to give a thumbs up or down to every post
  • Private Messaging. This will work from the start but I may disable it later if required
  • The ability to have human moderators rather than just clicking a button to report posts

There are still many bugs to fix such as the word “Blog” appearing on the front page of the website underneath the site’s name.  Then there’s the oversized “Mesoblast” logo on the forum pages.  I’m not quite sure how to get rid of either of those, but they’re a low priority so they’ll have to wait.

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